CSU 40

The CSU was designed for rapid response deployment to provide power generation, water filtration, communications and monitoring/ Security capabilities for first responders, those displaced by disasters, or those who need to function in remote locations or temporary worksites.

The CSU’s Innovative Technology allows for almost immediate generation of power and water filtration.



The CSU contains the following:

  • Self leveling equalization system
  • Several power sources
  • 74,000 watts of power on the inverter and solar system along with a 12kw back-up diesel generator.
  • State of the art hydrogen fuel cell technology provides a further 5kW of charge power for the batteries.
  • Communications system has wi-fi, internet, phone and cable.
  • Power, communications and additional Green Horizon products can be monitored from remote locations.
  • CSU provides water, power, communications, security monitoring, and grey and brackish water systems for 10 QuickCover or  20 QuickHab units.
  • 19,000 gallon a day water filtration system and a 2,000-gallon per day grey water system.
  • Easy to deploy and able to function completely self-sufficiently, without a requirement to be connected to the electric grid