Rapid Response

The need for an easily deployed, cost effective , and humane emergency housing solution is widespread.

The current choices for emergency housing in the world are largely inadequate. Government organizations are currently under pressure to replace emergency housing with a more sustainable solution for displaced disaster victims. In many areas of the world housing is insufficient or in many cases unavailable. As innovators and market leaders in disaster relief, we help to provide a system by which government agencies and NGO’s can better distribute and facilitate aid & shelter to victims in the immediate aftermath and months after the disaster.

Long after the TV crews have moved to the next story, people whose lives have been turned upside down by disaster are left picking up the pieces.

We at Green Horizon understand this and see our products as complete living solutions, not just temporary shelters.

The psychological effects of being displaced are just as traumatic on communities as the act of the disaster itself. Our units provide for every functionality; cooking, cleaning and living an everyday normal life.

How These Work Together

We have the ethical and moral responsibility to build the best product that we can in order to minimize the disruption to peoples lives in an already traumatic situation.

- James Pope, CEO